Each of our stations has an accompanying mobile app where you can listen live to the stations, check out information on music and other things mentioned on the air, and discover special mobile-only content in a scrolling newsfeed.




Our apps give and give, and, just when you think they can’t give any more, boom! A free download. A listener could hear a great song on the air, then find out it’s theirs free if they simply go the mobile app and check out something interesting about your business!



A DJ tells listeners to get on their phone to enter to win a prize from your business…and they do it, in droves. Or many listeners opening their smartphones to learn more about your business—voluntarily. Associating your business with a chance to win has a subconscious sticking power unlike any other form of advertising on the market. Mobile contesting includes text-to-win, mobile app enter-to-win, and mobile app polls.



Join Text Clubs

Want to market to the thousands of people in our station text clubs? Want to grow your very own text club? We can help you do both!



The average American spends over two hours per day on their mobile device, and only 10% of that time is spent talking on the phone. Highly visible and exclusive ad opportunities are available that will reach the thousands of listeners who access our stations’ apps and websites through their phones. Putting information about your business at their fingertips—literally—is a no-brainer.

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