Attract. Activate. Engage.

At the local and national level, Smart Reach Digital connects you to your customers with an integrated marketing plan.

Smart Reach is a full service digital agency that helps our customers grow their business using a variety of tactics including…

• Targeted display including geo-fencing
• Targeted video display
• Targeted email marketing
• SEM/Pay Per Click
• Live Chat
• Social Media management
• Video production
• Website design/re-design








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Entercom Portland has a growing vital email database of radio listeners that are very interested in getting offers and information from our clients—they’ve actually signed up for it! We can even target specific interests and demos to make sure you’re marketing to the consumers most likely to respond to your message.



Even if you don’t have a large budget, Entercom Radio’s Portland Perks is an affordable and wildly popular digital coupon program supported with radio advertising that can help grow your business. Interested? Contact our Portland Perks Specialist at



Who doesn’t love free stuff? Contests are an exciting and hugely popular way to get your business the kind of attention that translates to customers. They can be done on air, on social media, as part of an email campaign—and allow you to present your business in a fun, creative and memorable way.


Lead Generation Websites

Leads are real, live people with interest in your services. We create an online landing page with a form for your business and advertise it using your new custom URL. Interested listeners fill it out and, voilà, you are handed a list of eager, local consumers. It’s like having a line of customers waiting outside your virtual door.



Social Media

It’s the great white whale of marketing: if you could only figure out how to catch it, your business would thrive. Well we’ve got some great bait–in the form of radio stations posting content to tens of thousands of followers who like, share, follow, post, pin and tweet all over the cyberverse.


Station Ads

Our station websites are hubs of activity that feature playlists, celeb gossip, sports scores, videos, concert calendars, DJ blogs and bios, contests, local events, weather and traffic. If you want your business to be where the eyeballs are, this is it!

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